1. Kind of addicted to Ruse of Engagement at the moment XD

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  2. Hozier - From Eden (Live Sessions)

    So cheerful! ^^


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    Track: Mapei - Don’t Wait

  4. Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn ★★★

    WHAT WAS THAT!? The story was truly gripping and intense, but some of the characters made me SO ANGRY!

    ** spoiler alert **
    1. The first half made a good build up to events that happened in the second. A lot of revelations came to light in the second half, made me read this book and put off doing work.
    2. I enjoyed the format of the book, with the two perspectives. It had me guessing who was telling the true version of the story.
    3. The little details in Amy’s plan were quite interesting to read about. Such a sly character.
    4. The only characters I liked were Tanner Bolt and Margo. Plus, Boney towards the end of the book. I did feel sorry for Nick, although his decisions towards the end were questionable…
    5. Wow, one character in the book is absolutely CRAZY!! Truly evil - he/she had an awful, fake and selfish personality. Really scary how this character just carried on acting normal after what they did! Does this character realise that their actions have implicated and ruined so many lives. Also, WHAT A LIAR!!!!!
    6. No justice :[



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    They won’t know who we are
    So we both can pretend
    It’s written on the mountains
    A line that never ends


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    there’s something very satisfying about buying office supplies but I’m not quite sure how to explain that feeling

    the illusion of productivity

    that’s it that’s the feeling

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    Placebo - Hold On To Me

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    Gregory Porter - No love dying


  10. "Mycroft’s popularity doesn’t surprise me at all. He is, after all, incredibly beautiful, clever and well-dressed. And beautiful. Did I mention that?"
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